Public and private network – the examples and disadvantages of their use

A private network is basically a business network was specifically designed for use by a person o. I think you can use a law firm as an example. There are 5 offices and each office is connected to a computer to another over the network. The only purpose of this network is used for cases to find customers, find work and other activities related to the project. Now this particular network is very likely a VPN or Virtual PrivateNet What makes this a virtual network? This is a VPN, because the lawyers working at home or at their break on a laptop can access the private network is a separate Internet connection.

The advantages of using a VPN need for companies is that all data in and out, so it is easy to someone who should not have access to encrypted information retrieved. E 'was discovered, it is usually long after the incident occurred thatsomeone has hacked into a network and managed to recover all data in and out. These data, and usually contain very personal and confidential information. So you should make the next step in information security.

One has to use a private network that the levels of access granted to people need to be sure. If a problem occurs, they do sometimes, you probably will not be possible for the Secretary to disclose the necessary informationparticularly because they are warned in advance not to do so, if it is a highly secure network. Another use with a system of privatization and the bandwidth permitted, regulated and not always able to do much during work hours . The traffic is usually controlled all the bandwidth limits are set, and can be extremely expensive in maintenance than using a public network.

An example of a public network could be AT & T. More or less, thiscould be "rather than a WAN, a" public network. It 's the central server, then there are the multiple server location. the networks are the networks used in more demanding fields of communication, energy, etc. This eliminates the need for networking, many private networks connected to another private. If you get the phone using the cellular network is used to actually be connected, although not specified by a carrier invoice. A professional with the publicNetworks is that they serve as one of the many simple home network. During a construction of a private individual assigned the public network is assigned a use of a range of functions. The disadvantages of using a public network are errors that are prone to natural disasters, human bandwidth allowed, and many other things.


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